I'm passionate about helping businesses create content they'll actually own. No more living at the mercy of social media behemoths who changes algorithms on a dime.

Content allows you meet your clients & customers where they are and start building a relationship.



Strategic SEO Content = more traffic, leads, sales + relationships with your ideal customers & clients.

Content shows your customers how valuable your product or service is and *exactly* why they need it. They might not know!

  • 61% of online consumers use content to guide their purchasing decisions. 
  • Businesses with blogs receive 126% more leads. 

Consistent content creation creates reciprocity between your business and customers. They'll want to support you, which means more leads and purchases!


It's time to build an audience of people who love what you have to offer.

Transform boring blogs into meaningful content that attracts customers & solves problems.

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Create content that drives traffic to your website, resulting in more leads and conversions!

Increase leads & sales

Make your business easy to find by regularly creating fresh, relevant, and high-quality content.  

Improve search engine rankings

Become an authority in your industry and build a reputation that promotes customer loyalty.

Establish credibility & authority

Encourage your audience to trust you and turn to you for information & solutions.

Provide value to your audience 

Content for Small Businesses & Startups

here's the breakdown

You're prepared to invest in content that will last your business a long time!

You're ready drive traffic to your website, increasing leads and conversions.

You know it's time to stand out from the competition.

You have a clearly defined brand message and you're ready to build content behind it.

Is your business ready to invest in content?


"Jordan brought to life my vision in a way I couldn't myself. I was impressed how she were able to condense the various pieces of information I gave her to produce concise, accurate copy. My website copy is aligned with my values, my policies, practices, and business as a whole." — Emmy C.

It was easy from start to finish! 

"Jordan just understood me from the beginning and that's everything I could have asked for. My website is incredible now. She took control of the project + just ran with it. I was so impressed, I didn't have any changes to the website copy! " - Tina F.

"Hire Jordan. She just gets you."

"Jordan is one of the easiest and most collaborative individuals I have worked with. She is positive, energetic, understanding and has an innate ability to zero in on your trouble areas and offer suggestions or solutions." - Andrea M.

"Extraordinary! I can't say enough good things about Jordan."

* Prices start at $600 for content requiring light research and increase from there depending on word count and complexity.



10+ years of Writing Experience
Content Brief + Strategic Outline 
Draft + Round of Revision
Content Optimized for on-page SEO
Comprehensive Research & Examples 
Two Week Turnaround

what's included:

I onboard all of my clients, and dive head-first into the research to learn all about your company, clients, competitors, and relevant industry data. I’m in this for the long haul and I am ready to produce content that generates results.

Content Packages Include:


Common Qs and As:

I have a question...

 My approach is collaborative and focused on meeting the your needs. I make sure to carefully review the your feedback and incorporate it into the content to ensure that it aligns with their vision and goals. I'm open to constructive criticism and I work closely with the you to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

How do you handle revisions or edits?

You assign me a topic + any relevant keywords, and I will send you a content brief.  I create an outline and send it to you for approval. I send you a draft and you leave edits in the draft (prices include one round of revisions). I’ll address the revision requests and send you a polished, gorgeous final draft.

Can you walk me through your writing process? 

How do you approach research for a writing project? 

I approach research by systematically gathering and organizing information from credible sources such as academic journals and industry publications. I evaluate the information critically, cross-reference it with other sources, and attribute any sources used to ensure accuracy and trustworthiness in the final content.

How do you ensure that the content you create aligns with our brand voice and messaging? 

If you're not already using a content style guide, I can help you create one. This ensures that the voice, style, and messaging for every piece of content is consistent. I have a special knack for matching brand voices and helping you articulate exactly what makes your business unique.

Can you help with content strategy and planning?

YES!  I believe that effective content creation starts with a solid plan and strategy that aligns with the client's goals and target audience. I can work with you to create a content plan that includes topic ideas, content formats, and distribution strategies to drive success for your business.

can you explain your pricing structure?

I use a project pricing model, which provides transparency and predictability. This model allows me to focus on delivering high-quality content. I can dedicate the necessary time and resources to ensure that the content meets your goals and exceeds your expectations.

you can!

  • Never worry about competing priorities and deadlines.

  • Meet you goals and deliver results for your business or your organization.

  • Feel a sense of relief and accomplishment!

  • Experience a sense of momentum and progress in your content marketing efforts.

  • Build a stronger connection to your audience through consistent engagement and conversation.

Imagine if you could...


"Jordan has a knack for understanding the mess in my brain and being able to clearly get it on paper!"

 - Taysia


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