It all starts with you, but you don't have to go it alone.

Sound familiar? I'm on a mission to help you articulate your story to the people who need *exactly* what you have to offer. I'm here to keep you from staring blankly at a screen. Imagine a website the showcases your business in a way that engages and delights potential customers and clients!

It doesn't have to be this way! You deserve to feel like your website copy and content is an authentic representation of your business. It's not just website copy or blog content, it's your story, your message, and the reason you get out of bed each day. 

You don't have to go it alone, I'm here to you craft a strategy leading to your next sale!

As a business owner, I understand the challenges that prevent you hitting "publish." I know that running a business is so much more than having a beautiful website or thousands of Instagram followers. With strategy-infused website copy, we'll create a message and roadmap that puts the focus on your talents, skills, and passions.

Together, we'll create an experience for your customers and clients that perfectly primes them to take action today. No more confusion, no more hesitation. 

desperately trying to communicate their value...getting overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged.

I see too many people staring at a blank page... 

I'm Jordan — a writer with a knack for understanding the ins and outs of your business.

Are you looking for someone who just gets you? How would you business change if you could communicate your unique value and had the opportunity to connect authentically with your audience?

Discover how carefully crafted copy and content can encourage your clients and customer to say "YES!" before you even meet.

It's possible. 

With the right strategy, we'll share what makes your service or product special, or show them exactly what it's like to work with you. By the time someone hops on a call with you, they'll already feel like they know you. 

With strategic copy and content, it'll feel like you found a cheat code for marketing and sales. With my help, you'll perfectly articulate your value, process, and purpose. 

Even better? I'll make sure that your message feels and sounds like you. Imposter syndrome? Forgetaboutit!

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Slovenia! Have you been? Send me all your travel tips!

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You can pretty much guarantee that I've got Gilmore Girls or New Girl on the in background. 

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Green smoothie, greek yogurt with berries, or whole wheat toast, peanut butter, bananas, and cinnamon (trust me!). 














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"Jordan brought to life my vision in a way I couldn't myself. I was impressed how she were able to condense the various pieces of information I gave her to produce concise, accurate copy. My website copy is aligned with my values, my policies, practices, and business as a whole." — Emmy C.

It was easy from start to finish! 

"Jordan just understood me from the beginning and that's everything I could have asked for. My website is incredible now. She took control of the project + just ran with it. I was so impressed, I didn't have any changes to the website copy! " - Tina F.

"Hire Jordan. She just gets you."

"Jordan is one of the easiest and most collaborative individuals I have worked with. She is positive, energetic, understanding and has an innate ability to zero in on your trouble areas and offer suggestions or solutions." - Andrea M.

"Extraordinary! I can't say enough good things about Jordan."

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