Yes, your website copy actually matters. But no pressure! You can have done-for-you, persuasive, and search engine optimized (SEO) website copy in a matter of weeks. Website copy is the meat & potatoes of your messaging and I'm here to make sure it's delicious! 

Website Copywriting


Do you know that your clients and customers are out there looking for you right now? But can they find you? A focus on SEO is a *must* for every website copy project and I will help you understand how to make the most of the opportunity. 

Are you pouring tons of time, money, and energy into attracting new customers and clients through marketing or outreach? What happens when they finally land on your site? Are you giving them the opportunity and knowledge needed to move forward? 

Strategic website copy guides your audience through the process of getting to know you and primes them to take action. That means you've got to have a home page, about page, service pages, and product descriptions. This is your opportunity to shine!

i GET IT...

Your website copy has a big job to do.

In no time at all, you'll be reading your new website copy, courtesy of yours truly. From there, we'll polish and perfect every line, leaving you with all the right words, in all the right places!

WRITE, Edit & Finalize 

Strategic website copy requires keen attention and careful planning. Using these blueprints, we'll carefully craft ways for people to get to know you and your business.  

Website Copy Blueprints

Exceptional website copy starts with understanding you, your business, and clients. Together we'll create copy that perfectly fits your business and leaves room to grow!

Discovery & Discussion

Website Copy: Easy as

let's chat!

Do we vibe? Schedule a 20-min consultation and learn how I create website copy that sound just like you!

Ready to get started?

Highlight what makes you unique and incorporate your personality in a way that feels authentic (no faking it here). Imagine website copy that just sounds like you!

Attract your ideal clients and customers and show them why you're the right choice. They might not know!

Have core pieces of copy that will sell your business in a way that feels aligned and empowering. Strategic copy will last your business a long time!

Gain clarity in your offerings and your message. Feel crystal clear in who you are and how you can help your clients and customers.

what if you could...

"My website is completely different! It's personalized with our company's attitude, voice, vibe. It includes detailed explanations of what we do/offer, how it benefits our clients and calls out our approach." — Andrea M.

"I can say enough good things about Jordan. My website is completely different!"

A beautiful website will excite your ideal clients and customers, but attention-grabbing copy will keep them there!

If you haven't updated your copy in years or you've painfully pieced it together -- it might be time for new copy!

Is it time for new copy?

Is that you? Together, we can prepare you for a new stage in your business in less than a month.

Website copy is perfect for business owners who are ready to glow up, are going through a rebrand, or website redesign.

Is website copy right for you?

I believe that when we communicate clearly and with intention, we attract our ideal clients and customers. Each of us deserves to feel good about how we're showing up online.

I'm committed to creating copy that showcases your expertise and offerings AND feels authentic. Your website copy should feel like an extension of you and your business. 

If you're not sure about your website or if you don't know where to start, schedule a discovery call with me. It's time to start showing up online with the same radiance and excitement as you do in person! 

let me re-introduce myself....

I'm Jordan — part copywriter, part cheerleader & coach.


"Jordan brought to life my vision in a way I couldn't myself. I was impressed how she were able to condense the various pieces of information I gave her to produce concise, accurate copy. My website copy is aligned with my values, my policies, practices, and business as a whole." — Emmy C.

It was easy from start to finish! 

"Jordan just understood me from the beginning and that's everything I could have asked for. My website is incredible now. She took control of the project + just ran with it. I was so impressed, I didn't have any changes to the website copy! " - Tina F.

"Hire Jordan. She just gets you."

"Jordan is one of the easiest and most collaborative individuals I have worked with. She is positive, energetic, understanding and has an innate ability to zero in on your trouble areas and offer suggestions or solutions." - Andrea M.

"Extraordinary! I can't say enough good things about Jordan."


$2,500 - $10,000

* A 50% deposit it requires to get you booked and kick-off your new website copy!

+ Strategic brand and business questionnaire 
+ 2-3 calls with yours truly 
+ Detailed outlines for each page of your website copy
+ Personality-infused, conversion oriented, and SEO-friendly copy
+ One round of revisions
+ Coordination with branding and website design professionals

what's included

Every copywriting project starts with a discovery call to ensure that I'm the *perfect* gal for the project. I'll walk you through the process and make sure you're 100% confident moving forward.

Website Copywriting

let's chat!

Schedule a 20-min consultation call and finally cross "write website copy" off your to-do list!

Let's do the darn thing!

YES! I've worked with a wide variety of businesses in different industries and verticals. Everyone's business is different, which is why you should work one-on-one with a copywriter.

Do you work with business like mine?

A 50% deposit is required to get your project scheduled and the remainder is due once I deliver the final copy. We can chat in more detail on our discovery call!

do you offer payment plans?

No siree! Believe it or not, copyediting often takes more time than starting from scratch and limits our options. I want to give you the best copy ever, not just a little spiff and polish.

Do you edit existing website copy?

We may be able to start working together in as little as a week. Book your discovery call ASAP and we'll get your scheduled for a kickoff call!

How Soon can we get Started?

frequently asked questions

Once we chat, I think you'll see that I have an almost uncanny ability to capture your voice, showcase your business, and maximize the power of your website. You can trust me!

why me?

I firmly believe that investing in your business is always a good idea, but I also understand any hesitation. I'd love for you to book a discovery call and I'll show you all the opportunities new website copy can bring your business!

Is it worth it? How do I know?

Good question! We can complete most projects in 3-4 weeks. If you're super responsive and extra excited, we can sometimes finalize copy sooner!

What's the timeline for website copy?

Possibly! I offer copywriting for single page sites. However, I don't recommend cherry-picking a single page from your website. A strategy-first method requires us to think holistically about your entire website and not just one page!

I only need one page, can you help me?

What would it be like if your website felt just like you?

Your special gifts and talents deserve to take center stage. Right? No glimicky language or pretending to be something you're not. Just 100% authentically you. It's time to start building real relationships with your clients. 

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